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tv   CBS 2 News 10  CBS  October 2, 2016 10:00pm-10:30pm CDT

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>> tonight on cbs 2 news, 10 at 10:00, searching for normal they're picking up where life left off. >> we're working through exit keeping going. >> pushing forward after the flood. >> plus the road to flood recovery on the be easy for cedar rapids. it is definitely real even though we didn't take any water. >> how they're looking out for vendors and plans to open up better than ever. reports donald trump may not have taxes for nearly two decades. >> he wants to cut taxesment he's not paying taxes. where are we getting money from. >> i am not shocked or surprised by that at all. >> your thoughts on whether it matters. >> now the corridor's stop storys and weather forecast in the first ten minutes. this is cbs 2 news. 10 at 10:00.
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here is looking now at the first avenue exit northbound and there's nothing going on which is nice change of pace, good evening. tonight most of the bridges are open again after the flood waters reseed. town. just days ago - - every bridge in cedar rapids - - except for inter-state - 380 - - and highway - 30 - was shut-down - - causing major delays.great news tonight - - as first avenue - second avenue - third avenue - eighth avenune and 12 bridges - - are all last check- - the 16th open again. at last check, this 16th avenue bridge is still closed. >> public transit also ready for riders again, after buses were pulled off the streets last week. cedar rapids city transit will be running normal routes on monday. students in cedar rapids school district head back to school monday. according to a post on the district's web site, buses will try to run as close to normal
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morning. students didn't have classes all week this week because of the flood threat. if you still have sandbags and live in cedar rapids and you weren't able to hall them off to drop off locations this week, don't worry because next monday, october 10th, city workers will start picking up those sandbags from residential properties fry of charge. >> they will continue to pick up for two week. >> >> businesses who use sandbags can drop them off at one of four sites. those will be open a.m. to 7:00 p.m. at least through next friday. >> one of the main locations is the old al line energy plant between -- and quaker oughts. find the address for drop offs in the check village and kingston village on the web site. one of the most visited spots in cedar rapids is still road to recovery - for the newbo city market. ll: many consider the new
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during flood threats.and while the newbo city market didn't take on water this time around - they certainly prepared to - and all that work means more work to get up and running.if you're scott kruger, the executive director of the . >> if you are scott, the executive director of the new city market you are used to saying this. >> hi, guy, the market is closed. we will reopen on the 13th. how long was >> the district still has a long way back. >> it took us twice as long as businesses here in town to we don't get a get owl of jail free card. they have to go through the same proexcess procedures as everybody else.
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businesses thousands of dollars in inventory. >> they're taking a financial hit. we went ahead and just waived the rent for the merchants here for the month of october. they're basically lost a month of income. we felt that was the least we could do to help them out. >> as the clean up continue, the market will not only return but sore to new heights. >> the spotlight is back on this district after everything is that we went through after everything that our neighbors went through, when we reopened when the entire district is back u certainly within to invite the full community to come out and check out really what we have done with the place. they are planning a major grand reopening and we will get you those details as they develop. continuing 10 at 10:00. rapids for people who evacuated thier homes because of the flood. the the cedar hills community church shelter is still open to those who need a place to stay.they close their doors
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serve one more meal prior to closing up shop. "i think the people that were here in the shelter have expressed their gratitude towards the red cross. and towards the church, and what we've done as a community because when we come into a community, we, in some ways become a part of that community" community."the saint paul's united methodist church location closed today at noon. since opening shelters in eastern iowa due to the flood waters- more than 600 overnight stays. while the red cross is closing shelters - it's opening three resource centers in eastern - iowa.. iowa..each center will offer flood - clean-up kits - - and health-care workers - - who can help with any minor - medical needsmental health professionals will also be available.a center will be open in vinton - tomorrow - - in cedar falls on tuesday and wednesday - - and in waverly - on thursday and
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cbs 2 - iowa dot com. right now the cedar river back in its banks the community of palo is still working to dry out cbs 2 news reporter joe huisinga spoke with people who live in one of the hardest hit areas of flood 2016. joe? palo is no stranger to high water and for some the recent flood brings back memories of 2008 but for others this is their first time getting wet. wet. william hensley - flood 2016 - was just a drop in the bucket compared to what he's been through already. in 2008 nobody was prepared we were told foot above the road it was 7 feet and it was a shock for everybody we didn't have as much time to prepare it was 7-foot and it was a shock for everybody: we didn't have as much time to prepare. this time we had more time to prepare and it was a lot less water. >> robert moveed into his house three months ago, the high waters not a positive welcome.
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it could happen but not this soon. >> during the evacuation, he stayed behind. >> i want today protect our home, you know, if it would have gotten too bad i would have probably left but i am glad i didn't. >> for those that did leave it wasn't easy,. >> all bad emotions and you know, being tense and everything. >> both want to say thank you to everyone who helped the community through this flood. >> we've had a tremendous support of volunteers people bringing meal, food, helping each other sands bag homes as well as remove the sandbags. >> there's still a lot of work to be done but most people here remain optimistic. >> we're working our way through it and we will keep going. still call it our home. >> for businesses still trying to remove sandbags those can be dropped off at the -- for allot of the clean up efforts we did system society
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but by the end of the day today, most of us did get to see the sun because of an area of -- up near the great lakes and starting to exit. now we will have clear skys and light winds and it will lead to possibility of some fog development overnight. we had some in the northern parts of the area this morning. i think it will be more widespread tomorrow especially in those areas those darker grays where it could retuesday visibility but it will burn off quickly and we will have sunshine tomorrow. winds are coming out of the south. so were whatter air will be moving in, and we do have another storm system that will be approaching later on this week. so i will let you know how warm we get ahead of the storm system, and when the rise and when you will need the umbrella
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trailer when he drove into the path of a freight train. officials say the truck caught fire and the driver was pronounced dead at the scene. the name of the driver- who was the only occupant- is not being released until family can be notified. right now - university of iowa police are investigating a - sexual assault on campus. campus.they say it happened - between friday night - and saturday morning - at an east side residence - hall. investigators say the victim - - may have known the atta public safety - is reminding >> the department of public safety is remaining symptoms it is against university policy to engage in sexual activities without clear consent. and if someone has been drinking, they cannot give consent. another alert, iowa city police through text and phone call.
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old white male carrying a knife headed towards johns grocery.right now- according to the university of iowa's emergency information website- the current campus status is normal and there are no known emergencies. in the race for the white house - -senator bernie sanders was scheduled to be in iowa city tomorrow - to campaign for hillary clinton.. clinton..but - we're getting word tonight - - that event has now been but we're getting word tonight that event has been canceled. sanders will still appear wednesday in des moines. today clinton spoke at a church in charlotte, north carolina. she talked about criminal justice reform and the death of keith scott. on the republican side of the campaign trail- donald trump . >> on the republican side of the campaign trail, donald trump will make appearances in colorado, arizona and nevada this coming week. his running mate, mike pence will be in virginia on monday. pence faces off with democratic
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vice president usual candidate debate. week - fighting bac . >> donald trump is starting his week fighting back, against allegations he may not have paid any federal income taxes for almost two decades. the new york times reports that trump declared loss of $916 million in 1995 and was entitled to massive deductions. whether it matters to voters is the topic in tonight's say what. . >> i have been under audit >> the new york times reports trump could have avoided paying federal income taxes for 18 years his campaign and supporters say he did nothing wrong. >> my response is he's a genius. the reality is -- >> a genius. >> absolute genius. i mean the man in the art of the deal that's described. >> it is scary overall. >> but mitch worries more tax cuts and loopholes could hurt the country. >> it is kind of harsh to hear
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in time he's a businessman. he's doing what's smart for him. and i don't want a businessman outraged." trump goes around and says hey i'm worth billions, i'm a successful businessman but i don't pay any taxes, but you, you make 15 bucks an hour, you pay the taxes not me... that is why people in this country are angry and want real change in this country." on our facebook page - ryan says - it's the same tax code for him as everyone else! hillary and bill made donations to their own charity and wrote it off as a charitable deduction. stephanie - large companies do the same thing. doesn't make it right, but they all follow the law. hate the game not the player. and eric says - doesn't matter to me what people's tax returns say. kinda like the bedroom. : " that's why donald trump is the person best positioned to fix it. there is no one who has showed more genius in his way to maneuver around the tax code and rightfully use the laws to do that and he already promised in his tax plan to change. " i'm not surprised or shocked by that at all. " nelson says - he's not a fan of either candidate - that. >> nelson says he's not a
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sides, he doubt this is will matter. >> what he does, what he is and what he stands for is what his supporters are about. i don't think that his tax, his tax returns are going to change their perspective at all actually. >> some lively comments on the streets and on facebook page. we invite you to share your thoughts right now. that's your cbs 2 news in the top storys in the weather forecast in the first ten >> coming up a huge sunday in sport, hawk, cyclones, panthers reflect on the weekend and curt talks about part of the game that's just tough to watch. >> we have some clouds this weekend, some drizzle and then we finally got to see the sun because of an area of low pressure that is finally moving out of the area and that's going lead to warmer conditions. it will be feeling more like the start of september.
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monday on cbs 2...we're tracking the recovery after cedar rapids' 2nd highest crest in city history. history.the progress from a weekend of cleaning up -- not the most beautiful week-end - - but a great
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pull out the sweaters and jackets for fall. fall. >> it is exciting to have at least one sweater day. >> getting excited at least for one day. it won't be a very conducive for swelter wearing but that weather is coming back. here is what you need to know. we will have above average temperatures through the work week a stormy midweek and the sweater weather does come back but we are getting closer to really peak time for all the colors all the colors and loves started to change, in cedar rapid, this picture sent to us from mike and just beautiful colored on the trees and it is just getting started. if you have any pictures to share with you, you can do so by sending them to us on twitter at kgan underscore weather. we have some nice weather this week.
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day we started to see clearing skies buzz of this big swirling area of low pressure that's starting to exit really united states and as it continues to the east, we are going to start to see the winds shift south and warmer temperatures moving on in, buts for tonight because we have the clear skys and light winds, we will have the potential for fog and the darker grays. so that's where we could have some visibility issues, down i- 380 and of course any low lying areas and along the -- for commute but it should burn off quickly close to about 8:00 or 9:00 in morning and that's going to have the sunshine sticking around through start of the work week as this low pressure stays away from the area: we will have winds out of the south and warmer air moving in for monday and tuesday and then you can see our next storm system, this cold front starts to enter western iowa on tuesday and it will get closer to our area later on tuesday night and into
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is actually trending toward a little bit heavier rain, it is not incredibly heavy, but yesterday we were look at rain fall totals closer to half an inch and knower closer to an inch area wide and locally higher a. also be possible. however, we don't have a ton of moisture in the atmosphere and when wow track this with the dew point and here on the sticky scale when we get above 70, it gets really, really uncomfortable and sticky outside and we typically have the heavy rain fall events right now, because we are in fall season, our dew points are in the 50s, and they have been there for several days and actually lower than that. we are only going to be able to jump up into the 60s on thursday. we're not going to have a ton of moisture, and there could be some locally, we have to watch that. there has been a lot of rain. it is in the central part of the state but we do have dry
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even close to 80 degrees, on tuesday. and then the chance for rain does come back on wednesday and thursday. in fact now looking like it is highest on thursday and then the sweater weather comes on back. at degrees for a high temperature. >> wow. >> we keep some cool weather into next weekend. >> that's a pretty varied week. we're lucky there. everyone gets a little bit of everything. >> yeah, you can break the sweaters back out. >> >> yeah. >> there was an old song that was before your time, it was come...could they "bear down" in chicago and earn their first win of the season? that and more next in sports... "cbs 2 news connects with you. call us at 1-800-222-kganemail us at news at kgan.comconnect with us on facebook at facebook/kgan cbs 2.
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oh! kevin's lunch! freaky fast. fifth time this week.
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when they went twelve-and-oh during the regular season in 2015, head hawk kirk ferentz
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line between a 7-5 squad and how easily things could change. how quickly thing versus changed in 2016. after an upset loss at the hands of northwest earn, iowa has been left with plenty of question toss answer before a two week road trip. "i think it's a littel bit of everything quite frankly. our protection has never been what it needs to be... sometimes it looks like theres nothing happening. there's no rhytm or the ball back there an d that's not a good thing either " weh ave complete control over it.... it's just the drive killers. it's the penalties, its the sacks. and it killst he momentum winless and with more than a handful of starters sidelined with injury, john fox's squad hosting detroit today -- and with starting quarterback jay cutler still sidelined... sidelined...hip hip -- hoyer!!! brian hoyer under center this score first quarter -- hoyer
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goal line -- bears up seven-zip -- the offense rolling...and so was the d -- jump to the fourth -- up eleven -- second pick of the day for chicago -- a familiar face hauling this one in -- u-n-i grad deiondre hall -- the first of his n-f-l career...the lions did have a chance late -- less than two minutes to go -- andre roberts on the return -- the legs keep churning -- and no one able to bear down on this guy -- roberts brings it all good -- we got ourselves a ball game...however --the on-side kick no good -- bears hold on to win... "i think we executed.i think our problem in the first three . i mean we e cuted. i think, you know, that has been our problem in the first three games that we didn't execute for 60 minutes the whole line locked much better and within the run and pass, they moveed it ball around
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looks than we thought. that allowed toss run the ball and when they come down, we overthrowed better: like i said the balance of the offense, you keep the defense on their toe. >> a quick check of the score from tonight's game. kansas up 43-7 late. team u.s.a looking for the first ryder cup since 08. zach johnson on . them where you're from. cedar rapids. >> on 18. john deere classic champ ryan moore to clinch the cup, not in but hey it is enough. thats a check of sports -- we'll be right back with
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it's almost time for everyone to hang up thier it is almost that time of night for everyone to hang up the -- since friday, thousands have flocked to the 51st oktoberfest. it is a family-friendly celebration with all kinds of german thing, food, games and of course beer, a parade, a cake competition and she was a highlight there. >> he's legitment. i will tell you that. >> did you go to keg toss. >> i did not. i did, however, partake in some of the little shops that they have, some hot chocolate, fudge, goods stuff. that's year-round. >> yeah. >> and some good weather for it. we have nice weather continuing tomorrow with plenty of sun, temperatures in the 70s. a chance for rain comes back by wednesday. thank you for watching the cbs
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have a fantastic night. we will see you tomorrow. look at the people and events that shape our community.this is iowa in focus.this week -- cedar rapids fights off it's second worst flood in city history.the two major party presidential hopefulls face off in their first head to head debate. welcome to iowa in focus -- we're giving context to what happens in the headlines and on the campaign trail. trail.that starts with the ba at the end of last week -- eastern iowa started to gear up for what would end up being the second worst flood in the city's history -- behind only the flood of oh-8. oh-8.a state of emergency was declared in both the city and county -- letting officials approve purchases and decisions a lot faster than's all designed for quickly developing and changing situations like a major natural disaster.while that was happening -- city crews laid down roughly five miles of hesco barriers --


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